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Tory Burch Sport Spring 2016 Collection, Pictures

When Rihanna, Beyonce, and Kanye West are zeroing in on a particular fashion trend, you know it's pretty major. We're talking about athleisure, the gym-to-day (and sometimes night!) lines that are taking over retail. Seriously, everyone loves a comfort...

Beyonce Says She Shops at Topshop Alone

Guys, everyone deserves some alone time. Yes, even Beyonce Knowles. In an interview with Elle, the Queen revealed that she loves to go shopping on her own—surely, not an easy feat when you're one of the most famous people in the world. And while she can't do it too often, the one place she's been shopping without getting recognized for an entire decade is none other than Topshop in London. That's right, that chic girl with the glowing skin that perused the racks besides you, just might have been, hello, Beyonce. "I've been shopping at Topshop for probably 10 years now. It's one of the only places I can actually shop by myself," she tells Elle of her Jedi moves. "It makes me feel like a teenager. Whenever I was in London, it was like a ritual for me—I'd put my hat down low and have a good time getting lost in clothes." Seriously, even Carrie Mathison would be impressed at pulling this one off. Heels high, hat down: Beyonce in her chic incognito hats here and above. Now here's the thing: at over 100,000-square feet, the Topshop Oxford Circus flagship in London is massive. So finding her under her

Here’s the Best Sports Bra to Wear for Your Breast Type and Shape

We've chatted about the seven different breast types and the best bra for yours, but what about when it comes time to get active? Your exercise of choice and the size of your ladies can make a big difference in which style of sports bra you pick, but there's also value in shopping with the shape of your breasts in mind. For expert advice to make sure you're being best supported the next time you hit the gym, we connected with the team at C9 Champion. With a revamped range of all sorts of sports bras, you could say they know a thing or two about smart support. If your breasts sit on the outside of your chest... Look for a style with molded cups ($23) that will provide shape and position in the same way an everyday bra would. Unlike thin styles that will allow your girls to gravitate toward their normal position, the construction in place keeps them where it's most comfortable. If your breasts are bell-shaped... A full-coverage style ($23) will give you some added fabric at the top part of the breast, where yours are more slender. It'll help even things out and distribute weight too—a

This How-To Guide Makes Cleaning Out Your Closet and Getting Rid of Old Clothes Easy

This is the time of year when spring cleaning is top of mind, and while the motivation itself surely counts for something, it's the actual act of rolling up your sleeves and getting busy that should really be commended. Carving out the dedicated time can be hard enough, but facing the should-I-or-shouldn't-I? dilemma when looking at something hanging in your closet is an entirely different battle. The folks at resale site Vestiaire Collective want to help, creating a nice little flow chart and step-by-step tips with the help of Into Mind's Anuschka Rees. The end game isn't just to find goodies you can sell on the site, but to practice something they describe as practical minimalism ("focus on the essentials, the stuff that's truly adding value to your life, and let go of the rest"—so Marie Kondo of them, eh?). Along with three ready-made responses to common qualms that come along with getting rid of stuff (like protestations that you spent too much on it originally or it reminds you of a really special memory), there's a flow chart that's ah-mazing. It prompts you to think about whether a garment has been worn in the past year, if anything on

Erika Girardi From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Talks Fashion, Dressing for Reality TV

In the name of doing business, chats with fashion designers and top models regularly pop up on our radar. And while we'll never run out of things to learn, there are entirely different grounds to cover when your interview subject is a Housewife—capital H intended—whose wardrobe is on display for viewers across America every week. One of the very first questions we asked The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills's Erika Girardi when she popped by the Glamour offices? How in the world does one approach a show like that, where the wardrobe is your own responsibility and looking impeccably pulled-together is a must? Does a whirlwind of shopping take place before filming commences? Is it crazy stressful? "Very stressful. Fashion is a part of not only my personal life, but also my stage persona. I was fortunate enough to already have a big collection, but I definitely added to it for the show," she told us, mentioning Alexander McQueen and Versace pieces she immediately knew she wanted to pull out of her archive. "It's a job, and you always want to maintain your persona and your whole thing." That stage persona she's talking about is Erika Jayne, the vixen-like singer

Pictures: Kylie Jenner Photos in Paper Magazine

Remember when Kim Kardashian broke the internet with her full-frontal nude pics for Paper magazine? Little sis Kylie might be edging into that territory. Not the naked bit—but the internet-goes-crazy part: the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenners, who is wearing a plastic blue wig on the indie mag's April cover, shows a brighter side of herself in the edition, called the YOUth issue. We gotta say when we saw the photo of Kylie in the brilliant blue fur coat (faux!), we were like, whoa, that is Kris Jenner! Sure enough, she calls out Mama in her Instagram caption. Another fave of ours is the body-con floral catsuit. But one of the most amazing nuggets from the interview in Paper is this: @sarahmarki: If you had to wear one outfit every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? @kyliejenner: Black leggings, an oversized hoodie and a great pair of sneakers. Bless. @papermagazine A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Apr 5, 2016 at 9:12am PDT Kylie in a DSquared catsuit. @papermagazine A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Apr 5, 2016 at 9:17am PDT Kris Jenner vibes @papermagazine A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Pinterest Names Blush Pink and Mint Green as Its 2016 Colors of the Year

If you've been eyeing up a new dress or blouse and can't decide which color to buy, Pinterest would like to help. The picture-based platform has issued a dictum on the colors of 2016, naming them as blush pink and mint green for the ladies (for men, it's "astronaut blue" and chambray). The shades were arrived at after analyzing the 5.6 billion fashion pins, with blush rising in popularity 100 percent since February and green up 40 percent since December, per WWD. The Pinterest picks join Pantone's official colors for the year, serenity and a very blush-like rose quartz; for spring, the definitive shade source gave us 10 hues we could expect to see creep into our closet including a color called "Limpet Shell" that looks minty enough. There's real crossover too—rose quartz has jumped 200 percent in Pinterest search traffic since February. Without Pantone's super strict numbering system, you can feel free to play just a little bit more with how you'd like to define the Pinterest selections. Whether you go with the lightest dusting or something more saturated, both are calming colors that are fun to play with. If you're ready to get bold, consider adding navy to

Here’s What Kate Middleton Will Pack and Wear on Her Royal Trip to India and Bhutan

If you obsessed over Kate Middleton's wardrobe when she toured Australia and New Zealand with Prince William and a baby Prince George, get excited—it's happening again! The couple is set to go to India and Bhutan for a six-day tour, jetting off on April 10, and royal insiders have provided some scoop on what the Duchess of Cambridge will be packing. She'll bring between 12 and 15 outfits, with two typically worn per day. While the actual act of packing might go to someone else, Kate is still very involved in what makes it into her suitcases. "It's very much a process that she leads, though she does have some help from her staff when it comes to sourcing outfits. She is in charge of it herself and takes an interest in paying tribute to the host country with nods to their culture and local style on at least a few of the engagements," an insider told The Telegraph, referencing the way she's picked designers from the countries she visits. "The important factor on this tour is the heat, so that's an issue that plays a big part in the choice of outfits." Kate in an Emilia Wickstead dress while

The Best Denim for Petite and Short Women

Short girls, rejoice! These are the best denim styles for you. While we staunchly believe you should forget just about everything you've been told about what not to wear just because you're a wee bit vertically challenged (go for a midi skirt at work and don't be afraid to wear flats out to a party!), it is still true that there are those styles that will instantly make you look—and feel—decidedly taller. Jeans are no exception to this rule, and considering how much we love the off-duty wardrobe staple, it's about time we talk about how to make them work best for you. For the ultimate in short-girl style inspiration, we look to some of the chicest of the style set, below. '70s Flares: At 5' tall, Kourtney Kardashian knows a thing or two about how to dress a petite frame. With a slim thigh, a flare jean will elongate your legs—no matter your height. Channel your inner runway model and pair your denim with chunky heels to give your flares a little bit more length. High-Waisted Styles: Miroslava Duma is a petite 4'11", but has been spotted in little other than denim as of late. Most styles she dons

Kristen Bell Wore the Same Floral ASOS Dress as Malia Obama

We loved the floral-print-block dress Malia Obama wore on her spring break trip to Cuba, and now we're getting to obsess twice: Kristen Bell wore a nearly identical style for a stop on today's Ellen show! The actress's pick is in black and white and features subtle differences, but the two are undeniably alike. We're especially excited about this repeat because it's budget-friendly and totally accessible—both are from ASOS and a steal at $48. The two ladies have also proved that it's a cut that will work on any body type (the actress clocks in a little over 5', while the oldest Obama daughter looks to be on the willowy side). It's an easy-to-wear shape, with the contrast of print on print, and highlight on the natural waist, helping to define a figure. Plus, we're all about those flutter sleeves. A little bit of coverage can be hard to find when we enter sundress territory, and the graceful style is super forgiving. Check out both versions, then find where to buy your own: Both versions are still for sale. Grab Malia's version here, and Kristen's here.