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The 3 Warmest & Chicest Winter Hats For You to Wear This Season


'Tis the season for covetable cold weather accessories, and we're giving you the heads up on what to wear up top. This year, don’t be afraid to muss your hair with ultra-cool, ultra-comfy hats: First, and most importantly, because they’ll keep you from catching cold, and also because you’ll want to wear them with, oh, just about everything. We’ve narrowed the playing field to three hat styles that will see you through this winter and maybe even beyond—depending on when Mr. Groundhog sees his shadow.

The 3 Warmest & Chicest Winter Hats For You to Wear This Season

Karen Walker gave the beanie new life last season by adding sequin embellishments beneath a nostalgic pompom. This look is as low-maintenance as it is cold-weather chic, meaning you can slip a beanie on whether you’re wearing jeans, a maxi dress or comfy joggers. We’re particularly fond of Forever 21’s sweet Bear Ears rendition, which utilizes the animal face accessory trend for a hat that will keep you warm. And for a gold ol’ classic, look no further than a creamy white topper from Old Navy, which will fulfill your need for both a pompom and grownup pattern.

The 3 Warmest & Chicest Winter Hats For You to Wear This Season

You don't have to go the real fur route to get in on the fun of this ultra-cozy look. Take a note from the Michael Kors fall-winter 2015 show by pairing your comfiest knits and sweater dresses with a furry trapper hat. Nirvanna Designs' creation offers the best of both worlds with a cozy cable-knit exterior and faux fur trim, while Imposter’s all-faux fur style is made even more adorable with an under-the-chin bow.

The 3 Warmest & Chicest Winter Hats For You to Wear This Season

And finally, a Parisian classic—although the beret was given new life on the Italian runways at Milan Fashion Week, notably at Gucci, where the style was paired with chunky pullovers and slim-fitting midis. Try BCBG MaxAzria’s leopard version with kitschy netting, or, if you’d like to go a little more luxe, Eugenia Kim offers a cat ear style that is sure to make even the most hat-shy style maven purr.

The 3 Warmest & Chicest Winter Hats For You to Wear This Season

5 Style Tips to Ensure You Stand Out in a Crowd, From the Costume Master of The Voice


Costume designer Erin Hirsch knows a thing or two about making a style statement while also staying true to your roots. After all, she worked with Kanye West and NASA engineers for his elaborate "light-up jacket," as well as the glasses worn during Kanye's Grammy performance of "Stronger." In addition to her Emmy-nominated work as costume designer on The Voice, Hirsch also designed the costumes for Rihanna's "Last Girl On Earth" world tour. Obviously, when you're working with two of the most powerful artists on the planet, you have to intertwine their authentic style with new and exciting twists. Ambitious, certainly, but not impossible.

Now Hirsch is offering her style tips to Glamour readers, thanks to these five rules that she swears by—whether you're spending an evening out with girlfriends, or hoping to amp up your fall fashion game.

1. Don't be afraid of an over-the-knee boot. Thigh-high boots can turn a simple everyday look into a bold stylish outfit. Throw them on over a pair of skinny jeans with a cozy fall sweater or a simple t-shirt and you instantly look pulled together.

5 Style Tips to Ensure You Stand Out in a Crowd, From the Costume Master of The Voice

2. Always have 5 black items always in your closet. These include: A simple LBD you can dress up or down by way of accessories; a pair of pumps (preferably pointy) to pair with jeans, skirts, dresses or shorts; a structured blazer to pair with leather leggings, most jeans, or short flirty skirt with tights; over-dyed black denim jeans, which are perfect for day or night; and a black clutch for events, date night, or dinner with the girls.

5 Style Tips to Ensure You Stand Out in a Crowd, From the Costume Master of The Voice

3) Make statement with a bold necklace. Throw on a jeweled necklace over a plain crew neck T-shirt or a dress with a high neckline and instantly transform your look from average to eye catching. Statement necklaces are also great for adding a splash of color to your outfit.

4. You can never go wrong with a tone-on-tone outfit. Don't be afraid to wear a top and bottom that are either the same color or varying shades of the same color. It always makes a statement and looks super chic.

5 Style Tips to Ensure You Stand Out in a Crowd, From the Costume Master of The Voice

5) Leather. Leather. Leather. Leather pencil skirts are one of my favorite go to pieces. Surprisingly, a leather pencil works well with most women's shapes.They look great paired with a camisole, sweater, or peplum top.

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

Now, are you ready to stand out on Halloween? This costume is bound to do the trick!

5 Style Tips to Ensure You Stand Out in a Crowd, From the Costume Master of The Voice

17 Style Problems You Can Fix With Double-Stick Tape


If you've ever heard a clotheshorse friend talk about the glory of double-stick tape and rolled your eyes just a little, please call them up and apologize pronto. The stuff can work miracles. The basic variety at your local drugstore is good in a pinch, but the actual versions marketed for wardrobe use have a bit more sticky power, important to keep everything right, tight, and in place.

In case you're still skeptical, we devoted some time to brainstorming every super use we could think of. Check 'em out and then cross your fingers they never actually happen to you.

17 Style Problems You Can Fix With Double-Stick Tape

1. Fake a hem. If you're in a rush to wear something before you've carved out the time to take it to the tailor, use a strip of tape to shorten the length to where you want it.

2. Keep bra straps hidden. Banish peekaboo bra straps by sticking them to your shirt. Apply a piece of tape to the top of your bra strap and then push it into the interior of your shirt's shoulder or strap.

3. Make a low-cut blouse more modest. The sticky surface works on skin just as well as fabric. Place a piece on your chest before pressing the neckline of your shirt down.

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4. Close gaps between buttons. A tiny square of tape can help avoid a blouse puffing out and flashing skin in the space between buttons.

5. Insta-repair a broken button. And should a button pop off? Rather than waste time searching for your sewing kit, tape your shirt together. (If you're especially crafty, you can tape the button on top to fake people out).

6. Smooth a lapel. If a blouse or blazer's lapel has gotten ruffled post-wash, flatten it by force and keep it in place with a sticky little helper.

7. Keep a bow perfect. No matter how perfectly you tie the flouncy extra, moving and shaking will likely make it get a little wonky at some point. Slip tiny pieces of tape into each corner to keep things look freshly tied.

8. De-bulk a pocket. Some stylish women routinely snip out the pockets of jeans in order to make them lay flatter. To get the same look without such a commitment, put a piece of tape in the interior bottom to keep the pocket permanently closed (until you want it otherwise).

9. Maintain some decency while wearing cutouts. Sexy cutouts can look fantastic when you're standing, but quickly move to the completely wrong area when you're folded into a sitting position. To avoid flashing something you shouldn't, tape the dress directly to your skin in spots it might slip.

10. ...or when wearing something with a high slit. A leg peeking out from a high slit is plenty sexy, but it has to end somewhere. Keep the high point of the slit right where it should be with a little something sticky.

17 Style Problems You Can Fix With Double-Stick Tape

11. Keep a slip hidden. Wearing a slip is the ladylike choice with a flimsy garment that's a touch too sheer. Not so chic? When the end of it sneaks out under the hemline of your dress. Use a little stick of tape to keep it covered.

12. Anchor the end of your belt. Stiffer belts can extend awkwardly to the side after you've cinched it. To avoid, place a long piece of tape horizontally on the belt and stick the end down.

13. Fake a button. You only have so many options when it comes to unbuttoning a blouse—what to do if one buttonhole looks too high and the other too low? Use tape to dictate exactly where you want your top to start flaring open.

14. Avoid boots rubbing. A tall boot and sock can match up perfectly when you first pull both on, but slip all over the place after a quick city block's worth of walking. Attach your sock to the interior of the shoe and you'll avoid a ton of friction.

15. Smooth out layers. If your OOTD involves layering, anchor the bottom of your first layer to whatever you pulled over it. It's not foolproof, but can help shirt number one from bunching up.

16. Deal with arm-hole peeks. Fit and cut can sometimes result in a roomy arm hole revealing too much of your bra. Keep it covered by sticking the garment directly to your bra. Perfect coverage!

17. Get rid of fuzzies. And in a pinch, a piece of tape works perfectly as a lint roller.

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17 Style Problems You Can Fix With Double-Stick Tape