Kim Kardashian West Breaks Out the Boudoir Shoe


When we caught up with Kim Kardashian West last weekend, she was sporting thigh-high boots from Gianvito Rossi that had been custom-bleached at the suggestion of her husband Kanye. It’s the latest in a string of impressive statement footwear moments: Earlier in the season she made her mark in Yeezy Season 2 Lucite heels, for example. So what is it about Mrs. West’s shoe game that has us watching her every step? It comes down to the right heel-dress pairing, a skill she demonstrated again earlier today in West Hollywood sporting a pair of fur-trimmed, heeled sandals with a simple form-fitting dress. Typically associated with bedroom dressing, the natural-colored fur sandals lifted West’s straightforward body-con look to stylish new heights. They would work equally well at night with a fluid frock and coordinating kimono. Definitely one accessory trend worth getting a leg up on for fall.   Director Gia Coppola and a Gucci-clad cast retell the Orpheus Myth on the streets of New York. Produced for Vogue with Gucci. Save

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What Does Star Trek Have to Do With Fashion? A Lot, Actually


It’s easy to think of the fashion of Star Trek solely as the brightly colored, suspiciously form-fitting uniform favored by Federation Starfleet. Bill Theiss’s iconic costume design is burned into the collective consciousness, and has over the years been reimagined for sequels, spinoffs, and countless Comic Con cosplay moments. Unlike fellow sci-fi juggernaut Star Wars (and its array of direct designer references) you’re unlikely to find Spock silk-screened onto a Rodarte dress, or the kind of overt runway shout-outs that scream “product placement.” The Trek impact is subtle; it’s less about color-blocked spandex and a mandarin collar, and more about an exploration of futurism that confronts conventions.   Any good Trekkie will tell you that Star Trek is not just a show about space exploration. Sure, Captain James T. Kirk and his crew spend a good portion of their time traveling through the outer reaches of the galaxy in search of new civilizations, coming across Klingons, Tribbles, and Andorians along the way, but the “to boldly go” mantra opined at the start of every episode is an open-ended call to action. The series’ goals center on traversing the Milky Way and expanding the horizons of human understanding, pushing past preconceived notions, and entering unexplored territory with the intention of challenging accepted norms. Star Trek’s cultural impact stems in part from its willingness to break the rules that defined television during its era; the show’s multi-racial cast, plots tackling social issues, and visions of a future defined by its inclusiveness were all groundbreaking—even more so when you consider that most of those issues are still subject to hot debate today. The costumes ranged from those now famous uniforms to outlandish wares that reflected both the spirit of ’60s style–mod touches and psychedelic prints weren’t uncommon–and the variety of the adventures the crew got themselves into; crop tops and thigh-high boots signaling a shift into a mirror universe, rawhide and furs for an excursion to a primitive planet, a wealth of metallic minidresses because, well, why not? As with much of the ’60s sci-fi output, the costuming was meant to serve the audience’s thirst for memorable visuals, as well as the plot–anachronisms. And all were welcome, as long as they added a bit of sizzle to the setting.   Which brings us back to the runway. When designers reference Star Trek intentionally, or as a result of the franchise’s cultural omnipresence, they aren’t just citing specific episodes and putting their spin on the looks; they’re tapping into something bigger. Star Trek’s optimistic vision of the future is a visual language big on streamlined shapes, primary colors and metallic accents, and it’s an invitation to rethink what qualifies as “modern” in the first place. Shiny silver, synthetic textures and sleek accents are part of the look, but real futurism involves a break from protocol, one that pushes things beyond the accepted and on occasion uses art to comment on society. When Nicolas Ghesquière transformed models into androids for Balenciaga’s catwalk, he was right in line with Roddenberry’s ethos. Likewise, J.W.Anderson’s spirited explorations of proportion and tailoring are enlivened by a space age inventiveness that breaks from the norm. As we step closer towards what in the latest edition of the series is 2063, the first contact date between humans and Vulcans, the gap between our imagined future and reality closes that much more. It’s never a bad time to think about what the future will look like. To boldly go, indeed.     Save

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Getting Mixed Messages? 12 Stylish Ways to Convince Bae to Turn Off the Read Receipts


Am I getting ahead of myself when I say that for all of the advances in modern technology that have worked to bring us humans closer to one another—FaceTime, SMS, WhatsApp—text message “read receipts” are seemingly here to tear our connections all asunder? Innocent enough and gratingly timely, those faint gray timestamps that notify you that the electronic missive you’ve just shot off into the ether has been received are actually becoming something of relationship-tracking devises. For you Android users, let me explain: Read receipts are an efficient-enough feature created by the good people of Apple to assuage any fears that our messages aren’t being delivered to the intended party. But as we’ve come to realize, a received text isn’t necessarily an answered text, and in the context of the dating world the read receipt can become a veritable minefield, leaving one party to feel ignored and dismissed, and inciting all sorts of neuroses and anxieties. Are they simply busy? Are they underground? Did they take offense to your text? Are they waiting to respond after the date they’re obviously on with another person that’s not you? Are they trying to create some allusion of being very busy—far too busy for you? Unceremoniously left on read, you wonder, what gives? And true, we’re busy people—text messages may go read and yet unanswered for a bevy of reasons that have nothing to do with intentionally ignoring a person. As’s Fashion News Director Chioma Nnadi explains to me, her phone is constantly flickering with updates and text bubbles, so it’s hard to keep track of when a guy has responded or not. But, as our fellow coworker Photo Director Suzanne Shaheen explained, sometimes this oversight can easily be a strategy. “I dated a guy who had read receipts on and I always felt like it was a power play. Like, ‘Oh, I’m going to keep this on, read your message, and then not respond because I can.” It’s true—for some, in an attempt to have the emotional upper hand, making oneself unavailable can prove a cloying and frustrating game that can lead to self-doubt, resentment, and eventually petty fights with their partner. Drake—the king of feels—perhaps put it best when he rapped, “Soon as you see the text, reply me. I don’t want to spend time fighting, we’ve got no time.” Because often, when we’re dashing off a text, we’re not just haphazardly fiddling with our phones; we’re trying to connect via this bright blue text bubble. It’s a vulnerable place; why add fuel to the fire? It’s perhaps why Nnadi’s good friend is dating a guy with a flip phone—a throwback antidote to all of these mixed text messages. Dating becomes more upfront and open when there aren’t a million notifications popping up on your lo-fi screen. Not all of us can go analog, but at least for this date night don’t keep your bae guessing. Simply pick up your GPO 746 rotary phone and make the call. Talk for hours, as you roll around atop your bed in the yellow folds of MSGM’s gingham sleeveless dress. It’ll feel like the simpler days, pre-smart phone. And if you’re really feeling like you need to reach out and touch that certain someone, leave the phone at home, and instead send very clear messages in your vintage Jean Paul Gaultier see-through jacket. Enough talking (and texting) for one night.  

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Get in Olympic-Ready Form With These 6 Stylish Activewear Brands


For a while, my general M.O. for gym attire was “whatever works.” I meant that in only the most literal sense: any garment in which one could feasibly tackle, say, an elliptical without incurring injury or a noteworthy amount of discomfort. Cheap leggings and promotional T-shirts were the order of the day. And while I’ve not been wholly able to extract myself from the persuasive grip of the latter (as a fashion writer, I could easily and comfortably upholster my entire life in free branded T-shirts), sites like Bandier have opened up a whole new world when it comes to breaking a sweat. If I typically tap into young ready-to-wear designers via Instagram, or word of mouth, then this is my portal to top-notch, on-the-rise activewear. A new pair of black and neon leggings by Laain, a London-based fitness brand whose launch I covered a couple of years ago, make me feel slick enough to take on the world—or at least the gym—without fear of bumping into coworkers or acquaintances. Here, six emerging performancewear lines to shop now; you’ll be in fighting form by the time the games in Rio roll around.      

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Is Zoe Saldana the Fashion Hero We Need Right Now?


Zoe Saldana has never lacked for interesting outfits; Star Trek Beyond’s leading lady’s fashion track record is filled with looks that demand attention. An action heroine with a gift for doing everything her male counterparts can—but better, faster, and in heels—Saldana is known for her boldness on-screen and off. And really, you’ve got to be a bit of a badass to play a pirate, assassin, and Starfleet officer–and it’s that same derring do to her red carpet choices. With her lithe physique and innate confidence, Saldana is often capable of pulling off high-impact pieces that others might shy away from, whether she’s taking to the Oscars in ombré Givenchy couture, waltzing into the Met Gala with several feet of feathered train trailing behind her, or generally providing an experimental twist on the standard awards show look. Beloved in the science-fiction genre—with three blockbuster franchises to prove it—Saldana displays a taste for futurism within her wardrobe, too. Drawn towards sci-fi fan designers like Nicolas Ghesquière and Rodarte’s Kate and Laura Mulleavy, Saldana frequently steps out in unusual pieces like the geometric patterned Preen number she recently wore for a night out with husband Marco Perego. On tour to promote Star Trek’s latest, Saldana has primarily opted for ladylike over radical, choosing streamlined Victoria Beckham and a prim, ruffled Oscar de La Renta dress by Peter Copping when it came time to do television appearances. Even with the momentarily foray into classicism, Saldana knows when to break out the cutting-edge fashion. For the film’s San Diego premiere at Comic-Con, she pulled out a powder blue Givenchy dress straight from resort, and landed on every best dressed list in existence, proving that even when you can pull of high drama fashion, sometimes it’s best to save the most impressive pieces for the moment when they’ll have the most impact.    

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Meet Vejas Kruszewski, the Design Wunderkind Who Won LVMH’s Special Prize


There’s something deeply familiar and yet palatably strange about Vejas, the nascent fashion collection helmed by 19-year-old Canadian designer Vejas Kruszewski. On paper, the items in Kruszewski’s collections are quotidian; dark denim jeans, heather gray sweatshirts, shearling aviator jackets, and white shirtdresses are garments that seem simple enough to wrap your head around, until Kruszewski bends, binds, and reworks them into pieces that end up looking like kooky second cousins to the basics they were born from. It’s this skill, of turning the mundane into the amazing, that won the brand a special award of 150,000 euros and a year of mentorship at this year’s LVMH Prize ceremony. “When we started, what we were trying to do in the things we designed was kind of take familiar things, like familiar textiles or garments, and then twist them into something unfamiliar and make them feel alien a little bit,” the designer told from his studio in Toronto. For his first collection, for Fall 2015, that meant turning an army satin bomber jacket into cargo trousers with an extended zip fly and reducing a shearling jacket to just a double-buckle bandeau top, the belt straps left to hang over model and artist Alexandra Marzella’s bare midriff. Today’s Vejas is slightly different, but still evokes the same surreal spirit. “Now it’s evolved into more about exploring certain design elements and then building an umbrella of product in which those design elements are worked into the individual garments and accessories in different ways. It’s more about researching and a bit of experimentation,” said Kruszewski. For Fall 2016, the brand cast Hari Nef—one of Kruszewski’s friends from his teen Tumblr days (but more on that in a second)—in a lookbook featuring garments that explore the potential of snap closures. The first look sees Nef in a leather jacket with a curved set of front snaps and a full skirt with waist and pocket detailing, looking like something of a modern day Amelia Earhart. Later on, she’s ditched the ladylike effects for gray sweats with layers upon layers of curvilinear seams. This sort of duality runs through Kruszewski’s work on many levels: It’s formalist but relatable, done-up but unfussy, neither boyish nor girly. In some ways, his work feels like a Canadian counter to what Vetements has been producing for two years out of Paris, updates to wardrobe staples that defy gender.   Kruszewski might be heading to Paris soon enough. Following his LVMH award, the designer is considering a move across the pond. “We’re going to be switching to doing sales and presenting in Paris, just because the response is much better there from a sales point of view. It’s going to be more transit between Toronto and Paris,” he explains, adding that he’s in the process of moving the bulk of his production to Europe as well. This comes courtesy of his prize money and mentorship from LVMH designers. “We had a really nice conversation with Phoebe, she was really cool,” he says of meeting Céline’s Phoebe Philo. “It’s really amazing to have the mentorship that comes with the prize because there are so many decisions that have to be made. . . . I didn’t really understand, partially because I’m quite young, what the implications of starting a business were, the financial side of things, how to manage people, how to do all these things, how to operate in the real world. It was very much like I just threw myself into it and ever since I’ve been figuring out the ramifications. If you don’t lay the right foundation at first it can crumble later on. We’re really excited about the mentorship and the experience that the mentor brings with them. Financially, it’s also nice to have a bit of a cushion that gives us a bit more freedom in how we choose to operate now. We’d not have to be hand-to-mouth necessarily.” Aside from moving overseas, the next hurdle for the designer is figuring out an expansion plan that keeps the special allure of Vejas intact while allowing it to be available in more doors worldwide. Right now, it’s carried in retailers like Opening Ceremony in New York and Los Angeles and Shine in Hong Kong, as well as stocked in Vejas’s own e-store. “It’s not about being in every store, but it’s about being in the right stores at the right time,” Kruszewski says. This is all a far cry from when he started his career while still in high school by posting pictures of things he had created on Tumblr. “I wasn’t doing it with a business plan, it was just more like trying to putting it out there to see what the response would be,” he explains. “The people that I met [online] were interested in what I was doing and to this day we work together. That’s how I met my business partner, that’s how I met Hari. We’re all from there.”    

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Are Uggs and Crocs Poised for a Comeback?


Close your eyes and picture, if you would, the most widely reviled footwear. Chances are Crocs are pretty front of mind. It’s a subjective thing, of course; for my money, I abhor a round-toe nude patent wedge above all other styles. And while the Croc, so widely embraced as a punchline and inexcusable at the feet of anyone but Chef Mario Batali is a very Ugly Shoe indeed, maybe it’s not without the potential for redemption . . . maybe. Our own Executive Fashion Editor Jorden Bickham not long ago professed her fondness for them. You As, designer Tony Liu’s menswear brand in its sophomore season, featured the shoe in its Kang Kim–styled lookbook. The New York–based designer paired Crocs with cutoffs and tropically printed shorts, teamed with optic white dad socks hiked high. “My inspiration is actualized daily by the unassuming dads and babies of the world who will never know how stylish they truly are,” offers Kim, who also name-checked Batali as an ultimate Croc muse. “The best feeling is when you see someone who is not classically perceived as stylish accidentally wear that one item of clothing that happens to be really ground-breaking, without realizing how great that item is.” And indeed, the much-maligned kicks managed to take on a wholly new, idiosyncratically sporty tenor for You As. If America’s preeminent foam clog is—I’d posit— objectively pretty homely, the classic whiskey-hued Ugg is very cool indeed, once you parse away all the early aughts, quintessentially “basic” sturm und drang. Thaddeus O’Neil this season set about reclaiming the OG cool factor of Ugg, which got its start in the ’70s as the preferred footwear of Aussie surfers. The designer, who by his own estimation started wearing Uggs at the tender age of 9, put his surfer nomads in the boots for his Cadillac House presentation. Seen with louche, almost grungey cardigans and pajama pants, or O’Neil’s palm jacquard, Uggs took on a covetable new light. So much so, in fact, that I’m sold on adding a pair to my own wardrobe as soon as this heat wave lapses; it’s a wonder what a little context will do. Save Save

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He Raps, Skates, and Models for Zayn: Meet the New Teen Heartthrob


If you’ve been following the surge of tour merchandise in the fashion world recently, you’ve probably come across Frank Nadolny, the chiseled face of Zayn Malik’s collection of merchandise for his Mind of Mine tour. An untraditional teen heartthrob, Nadolny is pretty to look at in that particularly misanthropic way that’s all the rage right now. As he slouches about in the singer’s Urdu script–printed jackets with his melon-shaped shaven head, sharp Slavic cheekbones, and lanky limbs, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was plucked right out of Eastern Europe. But when the 19-year-old opens his mouth, he’s every inch the local California boy—born in Santa Monica, he now calls Palmdale home (“It’s like a desert,” he says). A head-turner from a young age, he was 15 when he was signed to an agency after his mother sent in his Polaroids. But it’s not just Nadolny’s on-trend appeal that is helping him to land these spots for high-flying pop stars or a slot on the Tim Coppens runway. Nadolny has a firecracker sense of humor, helped along by the devil-may-care attitude synonymous with adolescents. He skateboards and makes jokes about everything from getting fired from his lifeguarding job to failing out of high school—material he also uses when he raps under the stage moniker FJCruizer (named for the FJ Cruiser car he used to drag-race). Nadolny’s Instagram mirrors his hyperactive personality, most often in his not-exactly-standard male model ensembles. “It is like, dude, if you want to book me, you are booking me. They change my clothes anyway when I get there,” says Nadolny of his aversion to the typically required model-casting look of T-shirts and jeans. “If I wear a black T-shirt and black pants, I don’t feel good; I don’t feel right.” You’re far more likely to find him in bad-taste–meets–good-taste pieces like a pale blue tattered Ed Hardy T-shirt layered over a long-sleeved mesh shirt, scrawled-on black work boots, and baby pink Hot Topic–type carpenter pants. Another winning look? His Limp Bizkit–esque baggy red shorts that he elevates with Raf Simons sneakers, a white tunic-tank, and a mini backpack strapped across his chest. It sounds a little weird, and that’s on purpose. It has taken plenty of practice over the years: Naldony is a seasoned shopper, trawling West Coast stores filled with dead-stock. “My favorite spot is Goodwill. Some of my outfits didn’t cost me more than $10—I am a super-thrifter and go to places like Wasteland and Buffalo Exchange,” he says. “Like weird little T-shirt marts that have had things sitting there since the ’90s.” That doesn’t mean he is luxury averse, though. “I’ll go to Barneys for something that just came out. I once found a vintage Jil Sander suit from when Raf [Simons] was there for like $100.” Sometimes he will infuse some DIY into his own pieces, too. “I draw on my clothes. I have those ‘Margiela’ H&M pants that I drew the True Religion logo on the back of,” he says. “People think they are actually True pants and I’ll just go with it.” As for what’s next for the rising runway star with the double-take style? Nadolny is riding the wave of attention that comes with being a teen flown across the country to model. “I signed a girl’s autograph on Canal Street the other day!” he says. “She was like, ‘’Were you in the Zayn lookbook?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ And I signed a piece of paper.” We have a feeling he’s going to have to get used to that.  

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Meet JoJa, the VS Angel–Approved Fitness Instagram


The training process for a Victoria’s Secret Angel is akin to the routine of an Olympic athlete: hours spent in the gym and a carefully maintained regimen. Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes’s passion for fitness is well documented, but the duo’s latest project, JoJa, takes their workouts to the next level. The Instagram account is a mash-up of their names and styles, offering gym tips, healthy treats, and updates centered on the joy of working out with your bestie. For Skriver and Tookes, who began their careers at roughly the same time and have been training together for years, the decision to post their routines was a natural offshoot of their shared passion. “We both really love fitness and health, and we wanted to give people a deeper look into our everyday fitness routine,” says Tookes. “One day, we started trying to do yoga poses together as a duo—then we started looking online and were shocked and amazed at how many unique poses there were! We also thought it would be fun to create some on our own,” adds Skriver. “That’s when we made our funny, celebrity couple–esque name and created the account!” Though many models provide fitspo on social media, Skriver and Tookes’s friendship-focused updates offer a different take. As they help each other through pike planks, tricep dips, and an array of acrobatic yoga moves, the focus is as much on girl power as it is on staying fit, which, according to Tookes, is part of the point. “The best part of working out with a friend is that they push you to your limit! If she does 15 push-ups, then I have to do 16!” The healthy competition helps to give both models an edge—especially during those moments when they need a little encouragement. “Having a partner is everything; it makes you feel more motivated and it pushes both of you to better yourselves,” says Skriver. “You won’t bail because someone is waiting for you, and that gets your butt to the gym even on the hard days. Having her train next to me always gets me to go that extra mile I wouldn’t have done on my own.” Keeping things in sync when they hit the gym together, the pair focuses on exercises that sculpt and tone. “We love doing butt workouts together—that’s our main focus,” says Tookes, whose high-impact routine is surprisingly devoid of cardio. A fan of weights and resistance training, Tookes’s love of pumping iron made Skriver a convert. “She was the one who got me hooked on that—for our body types, that’s really where we see the biggest changes,” says Skriver. Weights can transform the physique, but Skriver opts for yoga to maintain mental balance, a must when you’re jetting around the world for work: “For the mind and soul, I love yoga! I’ve been getting into it lately and it really helps soothe me.” With thousands of followers tuning in to see what the pair will try out next, JoJa is already a success, but Skriver and Tookes have their sights set on the future. “As soon as I’m home from this week’s travels, we are having our first professional yoga class,” says Skriver. “None of us have really done it with such intensity before, and we thought it would be fun to test out a bunch of new workouts and see where they take us.” Long term, Tookes can even see the potential for expansion: “Hopefully in the future we can make JoJa a fitness brand and have our own products.” It may take some time for JoJa to move from Instagram feed to lifestyle company, but for the moment the duo is hoping their efforts serve to encourage others. “We just want to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle,” says Tookes. “It’s always about learning and keeping the body on its toes,” adds Skriver. “We can’t wait to keep JoJa going strong and show everyone everything we have learned!”  

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Olivia Palermo Rocks the Classic White Tee Two Very Chic Ways


Ever wake up and wonder what to wear? On mornings like this, when your immediate sartorial instincts fail you, keeping things simple is always best. And one proponent of stylish, lo-fi fashion choices is Olivia Palermo. The 30-year-old entrepreneur made her mark during the couture collections earlier this month in the statement jacket, but back home in New York City it’s been all about quiet wardrobe essentials. From the elevated overall to off-the-shoulder dressing, Palermo has mastered the art of approachable and elegant summer dressing. And yesterday in Manhattan, Palermo doubled down on her easy, ladylike sensibilities, reinventing the plain white T-shirt not once but twice in the same day. Her polished city look revolved around a monochromatic palette with a classic tee as its anchor. The Tularosa eyelet skirt balanced sophistication and sexy with its below-the-knee silhouette and front slits, while a CH Caroline Herrera buckle heel was a nice alternative to a simple stiletto and worked well with her Céline linen pouch. She repurposed the shirt later that day for a casual stroll in Brooklyn, swapping out the skirt for an apron dress. Completing the ensemble were Jimmy Choo flats and the cutest accessory of them all, her pet maltese, Mr. Butler. Save Save Save

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USA! USA! The Best Red, White, and Blue Resort ’17 Looks to Get in the Olympic Spirit


The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games are just 14 days away. Finally! And while the event is really about unity and sportsmanship, it’s an excellent opportunity to sport your best red, white, and blue. The patriotic palette used to be reserved for the Fourth of July—at least here in the States—but now designers are making the case for wearing it year-round, which is good news if you intend to embrace the combo long after the closing ceremony. Consider the latest Resort ’17 collections, which were full of preppy, spirited touches. Erdem Moralioglu suggested red, white, and navy for evening—a refreshing alternative to black!—while Gabriela Hearst’s striped separates would go breezily from day to night. On a more casual note, Osman and Sonia Rykiel both put their patriotic spin on jeans: The former layered indigo culottes under a cherry red patent coat, while Rykiel’s plaid-printed denim was really intended for Parisiennes—don’t forget red, white, and blue are France’s colors, too. Of course, Louis Vuitton might be your best source of inspiration, considering Nicolas Ghesquière presented his splashy, sporty Resort lineup in Rio just two months ago. His red, white, and blue scuba dresses stood up to the heat and would look particularly good on the ladies of Team USA. See all of the best patriotic looks in the slideshow above, and stay tuned for more Rio coverage on  

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Chris Rock’s New Girlfriend Has the Fashion Antidote to the Looming Heat Dome


With temperatures hovering somewhere around the high 90s this weekend, it would seem that clothes—of any make—would be inconsequential. Better to stay ventilated, hydrated, and half-naked amidst a looming “heat dome” than attempt to make some kind of impactful fashion statement. Strolling along the boardwalk in St.-Tropez today, it would seem that Chris Rock’s new girlfriend, Megalyn Echikunwoke, has found the perfect style solution for blistering hot weather. The 33-year-old Arrow actress breezed by in a barely there macramé mini tunic, with a black bikini cheekily peeking out from its embroidered cutouts. Chucking her sandals as she and Rock made their way into Le Club 55, Echikunwoke made the look feel just right for a romantic getaway on the French Rivera. Though it was much more pared-down than the striking printed dress she wore to Leonardo DiCaprio’s charity gala a few days prior, the ensemble was no less glamorous, and just as appropriate for the locale. And while we may not all be heading to the South of France this weekend, we can still fend off the rising temps in similar fashion.  

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What to Wear This Summer If You Kind of Hate the Beach


Summer is generally good news for just about everyone. The weather is beautiful, the rosé is flowing, and long weekends are practically required thanks to blissfully short summer Fridays. For most women, all of that translates to a wardrobe of floral sundresses, off-the-shoulder blouses, and other summery delights—but what if that flirty, boho vibe just isn’t for you? Maybe you prefer combat boots to gladiator sandals and fishnet tights to culottes, or you’d rather wander through a vintage store in Brooklyn than soak up some rays in the Hamptons. If any of that applies to you, getting dressed this week has likely been a challenge; layers and clunky boots don’t exactly lend themselves to 85-degree heat. But before you start counting down the hours until fall, consider our tips for making your urban, citified wardrobe work on even the most humid nights. Try pairing a gauzy dress with Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers, for instance, or give your silk kimono a subversive spin with a leather choker. And when you’re really feeling the anti-boho spirit, just throw on a Marilyn Manson tee—works every time. Click through the slideshow above for your complete summer-in-the-city style plan.    

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Marvelous Marc! The Divine Decadence Dinner Sweeps Downtown L.A.


It might be midsummer, but the party season is just heating up. Last night in downtown L.A., while the club-kid Angelenos were in West Hollywood, a stylish crew descended upon the United Artists Theatre to celebrate Marc Jacobs and his brand’s latest fragrance, Divine Decadence. And the scene lived up to that moniker with elaborate floral arrangements throughout, caviar and oyster stations during cocktails, and, naturally, plenty of PYTs—that’s pretty young things, just in case. Joining the festivities were model Adriana Lima; Jacobs’s CEO, Sebastian Suhl; and funnywomen Rashida Jones and Tracee Ellis Ross, along with style-conscious West Coasters Camilla Belle and Imogen Poots. As the evening progressed, guests including Vogue’s Lisa Love and Ellen Pompeo and husband Chris Ivery took their seats and enjoyed a menu drawing inspiration from the notes in the fragrance, which included vanilla, saffron, and amber. However, after the meal and the various Instas of the flowers, it was time for everyone to boogie down. Decadently, of course.

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This New Jewelry Trend Is an Investment Worth Flaunting


From the low-cut necklines and bodices that surfaced at the recent couture shows—Fendi, Givenchy, Valentino—to the new cast of bombshell characters on said runways who aren’t afraid to flaunt what they’ve got—Irina Shayk, Gigi and Bella Hadid—one thing is clear: Cleavage is back in full force. So, you’ve got the goods? Great! Now it’s time to figure out how low can you go without the subsequent shock and scandal factor (because let’s face it, we can’t all carry off the navel-grazing dress quite like J.Lo). Think through your composition carefully. A pendant necklace is a clever way to draw the eye down in a subtle way. Best of all, what’s appropriate for day versus night and the rules for wearing fine jewelry overall are no longer set in stone. Gleaming diamonds and rubies like Chopard’s teardrop pendant (pictured here on Rihanna, the reigning bad gal of baring it all) shines as bright on the red carpet as it does the morning after paired with an unbuttoned blouse.      

The post This New Jewelry Trend Is an Investment Worth Flaunting appeared first on Vogue.